Greater Detroit Camera Club Council Banquet

Many of my friends and family know that I belong to the Livonia Camera Club (LCC) and that I am the newly elected President of the club and I am also the Print Director.  The LCC is a member of the Greater Detroit Camera Club Council (GDCCC) and on Saturday they held their annual banquet to give out their awards for the best print images and the best digital images from the 2014 year-end GDCCC competition.

The year-end competition is a tough competition given the only images allowed to compete were those that have won an award at one of the previous 2014 GDCCC competitions.  I had one print image that was eligible to compete in the color print beginner class.  That print was the “Lundington Sunset” that I created while on our vacation to Ludington, MI back in May 2014.  The print won an honorable mention award.  Although it did not place, I am still exited it received an award.


Ludington Sunset

Ludington Sunset

This print is known as a high dynamic range (HDR) photograph.  For a basic HDR you need a total of three exposures (i.e. one at normal exposure, one at +1 stop and one at -1 stop) taken in succession.  For this photograph I took a series of five exposures in succession.  The images were then processed in Photoshop utilizing the Nik’s HDR Efex Pro 2 to create the final photograph.  I’ll save my thoughts on why and when I like to utilize HDR photography for another post.

If you wish to see my print along with the rest of the GDCCC print winners, they will be on display at the Livonia Civic Center Library for the month of February.