Winter In Detroit

Well, my wife and I went on a free tour of the Guardian Building today in Detroit, Michigan and had a nice lunch at the Hard Rock Café for Valentines Day.  After lunch we took the scenic route back home, which included a drive around Belle Isle.

I have not done much photography yet this winter so I figured I would try to make some photographs around Belle Isle since we still have a good covering of snow from the last storm, along with a few inches of fresh powder that came last night.  Well today it was very windy and the temperature has been dropping all day long which makes is very miserable to be outside for even a short while if not dressed properly.

As with any of our trips to Belle Isle we take the ring road around the island and we stop along the way so I can make some photographs. .Usually with every stop we are there for a bit of time, but with the brutal wind and blowing snow I only got out of the car for a few minutes at a time.

As we made our way along the eastern side of the island the snow was blowing across the road and with the trees along either side I thought to myself that it would make a good photograph.  So we stopped the car and I waited a minute or so for other cars to pass before getting out.  Once out of the car, I took a few shots and then a couple of cars were coming so I decided to wait.  While waiting the wind picked up and the snow started to blow harder, so I decided I should get back in the car since I already had a bit of snow on me and my camera.  Below is the photograph I made along the eastern side of the island.

We continued our journey around the island, passing by the Coast Guard station and the zoo and we even experienced some white out conditions with all the blowing snow.  By the time we got back to the western side of the island, clouds had moved in over the Detroit skyline and it looked very eerie.  So I decided to stop the car again and get out and make a few more photographs.  Below is the photograph I made of the Detroit skyline.  With all the blowing snow you can barely make out the Ambassador Bridge which takes you over to Windsor, Canada.

Although it was very windy and cold today, I was still to make a few photographs of the winter scenery in Detroit, Michigan.  Oh if you are wondering if I took any photographs while on the tour of the Guardian Building, yes I did but I will write about that some other time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you enjoyed the photographs and the brief story behind them.  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.