First Roll of 35 mm Film

I don’t recall exactly when my photographic journey began, but I recall that it started with a 110 film camera.  I think I still have it somewhere in a box with the rest of the old cameras I have collected over the years.  The first “real” camera I remember owning and using was a used Minolta 35mm SLR.  I don’t remember the exact model or what lens I had, but I remember the day I bought it.  My Dad and I went to go “look” at cameras.  I believe we went to Dodd Camera and Video on Pearl Road in Middleburgh Heights, Ohio (which is still in business today) and another older camera store down the street in Parma Heights, Ohio.  I can’t remember the name of it, but it closed sometime when I was in high school.  The day of “looking” at cameras quickly turned into a purchase.  My first 35mm camera was purchased from the camera store in Parma Heights before the Easter of 1996.

My first roll of film I ran though the camera, developed and printed myself, was Kodak, Plus-X, ISO 125, B&W film with 36 exposures.  With 36 exposures it seemed like it took forever sometimes to use an entire roll of film compared with today’s cameras where you can take 36 exposures in a blink of an eye.  With using film you had to think through the photographs with getting the exposure and composition right because you were not able to look at the photographs right away.

Looking at the negatives it appears I took this first roll of film at Easter 1996 and shortly thereafter because photographed our family at Easter and I also photographed some of my model cars and my Mom’s doll house.  Towards the end of the roll, I wanted to try some things that I read in some photography books to stop action and to have a shallow depth of field.  For both photographs, my brother Chuck helped me out.

For the first one, I wanted to stop the action of water as it was being thrown through the air.   I did not record any of the camera’s settings, but we did the photograph outside so I had enough light to use a fast shutter speed to stop the action.  The resultant photograph is water being stopped in the air as it is being thrown from a bucket.

For the second one, I wanted to play with depth of field.  Again my brother helped by holding a toy gun pointed at me.  I focused on the barrel of the toy gun and with a large aperture my brother and the background was thrown slightly out of focus while keeping barrel in focus.

Also on this first roll of film, my brother captured a young me posing for the camera.

From this point on, I became hooked on photography and continued to grow and learn.  I hope to share with you more of the early years of my photography journey in the weeks to come along with some current photographs.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Please feel free to leave comments below.