Throwback Thursday

Roughly about a month after our first trip to the Packard Automotive Plant in February 2012, we made a second trip to explore more of the vast complex. On March 2012 trip we focused on exploring the buildings south of East Grand Boulevard. Again on this second trip we had good weather and we had good lighting as well. I pretty much photographed all day taking a series of three shots, one at correct exposure, one over exposed by one stop and one underexposed b one stop to allow for the flexibility to process them as HDR images. Also noteworthy is I made these images with an entry level Canon XSi DSLR camera and the 10-20 mm f/4.4 kit lens. Below are some of the photographs I made.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my latest throwback Thursday post of our second trip to the Packard Automotive Plant located in Detroit, Michigan. Please feel free to leave your comments below.


— Dave —