Road Trip West 2019 - Continued

So on my last posting I left you hanging about the last hour of our road adventures to our final destination. I have driven through mountains and the hills of Pennsylvania, but I was not prepared for what we were about to encounter. Let’s just say the last hour was mentally challenging.

To get to our condo we drove north on US-40 through a mountain pass with multiple switchbacks up and down the mountain. I’ll admit not driving on something like this before was a test on my nerves. Below is a map of a portion of US-40.

Mountain Pass

Mountain Pass

After we got through the mountain pass, we encountered a few snow flurries before reaching our final destination. After we checked in we did not do very much the rest of our first day. The change in altitude coupled with the drive through the mountain pass took a toll on me. We rested and made a run to the grocery store to get food for the week. Side note, there was a grocery store there that took our Kroger’s card. We had not used it since we left Michigan and it still worked for both groceries and gas.

On our first full day in Granby, Colorado we took it easy to be sure we were fully acclimated to the higher elevation. We went out an explored Lake Granby, which is a part of the Colorado River headwaters. Below are some of the photos I made around the lake.

Our first full day ended with us participating in a social hour at the condo complex where a member of the staff gave us lots of information about the area and ideas for things to do and see while in the Granby, Colorado area.

On our second full day on Colorado we ventured out to do some hiking. Stay tuned to find out if we survived our first hiking adventure in Colorado.

Thanks for viewing my photographs!

— Dave —