Road Trip West 2019 - Continued

So it has been little over a month since my last posting and everyone is probably on the edge of their seats if we survived our first hike in Colorado. The answer is yes we survived. For our first hike we went to go see Adams Falls which is near Grand Lake, Colorado.

Before embarking on our hike, we took in the wonder reflections of the mountains and homes on Grand Lake which was near the trailhead to the water fall.

After admiring the wonder reflections we entered the trail to the water fall at the East Inlet Trailhead. It was a rather easy walk to the water fall. Once there, the sun was already getting fairly high in the sky with very little clouds. Coupled with the water fall being in a slot, it made for some rather tough shooting conditions. I took a number of photos, but I only end up processing one of them.

Once we were done admiring the waterfall, we continued on down the trail to explore some more. Our hike followed along the East Inlet river. It was a rather easy walk with very little change in elevation. We had some wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and meadows/flood plain of the river. We believe we heard a moose call but we were unable to find where it was coming from.

As this was our first hike we found out that most of the trails were one way (i.e. not loops) and therefore we hike in a ways and then had to hike back out. Once we got back to the car we continued on our Colorado journeys and explored the town of Grand Lake, Colorado were we had lunch.

After Grand Lake, we took a drive over to see cliffs in Kremmling, Colorado. I’ll just say oh man, they are a sight to see. I’ll talk about that in my next posting which will hopefully be sooner than later.

Thanks for reading and viewing my photographs!

— Dave —