Road Trip West 2019 - Continued

So after exploring Grand Lake, Colorado we hit the road and took a drive out to Kremmling, Colorado to check out The Cliffs of Kremmling. The route we drove went through Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado. We didn’t stop, but they are known for their natural sulphur springs. From what we heard you get used to the smell, but be prepared to trash your bathing suite once you are done because there is no hope of getting the smell out of them.

Just past the Town of Kremmling off Highway 40 was a little dirt road called Skyline Drive that took you to the top of the cliffs. The road was wide enough for two cars for most the way. As you follow the road you go a little ways up in elevation till you reach the top. There was a constant breeze on the top of the cliffs.

The road has no guard rails on either side and it takes you fairly close to the edge of the cliffs at one point. If you daring you can go a ways on the road to have some amazing views of the Town of Kremmling and the surrounding areas. We ended up driving about 1/3 of the way along the top of the cliffs and my nerves started getting to me and we turned around and head back down. Below are some of the photographs I made at The Cliffs of Kremmling.

Stayed tuned for the next installment of our road trip west, where we did some more hiking and checked out a train tunnel that runs through the mountains. Thanks for reading and viewing my photos.

— Dave —