Throwback Thursday

Back in February of 2012, James, Dave, Monroe and I decided to take a photographic adventure to the ruins of the famous Packard Automotive Plant located in Detroit, Michigan. The plant has been open to the elements, scrapers, homeless people, movies, parties and urban explorers for a number of years. It has since been bought by a business man who pledges redevelop it over the next several years and is now guarded so if you try to get inside to take a look around you risk being caught.

When we went to the plant, we thought that we would only be able to photograph the outside of the building. Quickly did we learn, the building was wide open and you could venture inside. Needless to say we ventured inside and we explored the building for the good part of a Saturday and we had unseasonably warm day for February which made it very nice.

Below are a number of photos that I made our adventures to the Packard Automotive Plant. Please note that this was my first time doing and high dynamic photography (HDR) and some of the photos are a bit over processed, which is a common occurrence for those just starting with HDR.

Thanks for viewing my photographs. Please feel free to comment below.

— Dave —