Randomness From 2018

Yea, I know the title is not very specific, but I spent a few hours on this snowy day editing some photographs from adventures my wire and I took around Ohio this past Fall.

I know it is only a few photographs with no story, but I hope you enjoyed them. Thanks for taking a look.


Photo Adventures 2018 - Part 5

I am finally getting around to writing my next blog of my last photo adventures. After the August photo adventures with James and “The Boy”, James and I discussed about getting together again in the Fall and including Dave D. James and Dave D. found a slot in their schedule that worked for all of us and we got together at the end of October. We planned the date in hopes of getting to see some Fall colors in the Greater Cleveland area, but due to a warm Fall the trees were rather green and had not changed very much. We still managed to venture around to make some photographs. Below are some of the images I made over the day and a half we were together.

It was a fun day and a half hanging out with a couple of good friends and I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks for viewing my photographs.

— Dave —

Photo Adventures 2018 - Part 2

Well the second day of my adventures with James was at the old Ohio State Reformatory or the Mansfield Reformatory.  We were a part of the Cleveland Photographic Society all access tour that allowed pretty much access to all the areas within the reformatory for four hours before they opened to the public.  The place was large and it is hard to believe that it only closed down in 1990.    Also take note this is where the movie The Shawshank Redemption was filmed in 1994.  Below are some of the images I made during our four hour tour.

Thanks for viewing my photographs.  Please feel free to leave comments or questions on this posting.  I am hoping to process more from our adventures inside the Mansfield Reformatory over the next few weeks.  I am pleased how the photographs turned out using my off camera flash and I am excited to try this with more photographs I make in the future.   -- Dave --