Post 2018 Polar Vortex

Winter finally decided to make an appearance here in northeast Ohio a week or so back with the first significant snow, which was then followed up by a polar vortex that resulted in some extreme cold temperatures for a few days. Making photographs in the cold and snow is typically not that fun because you need to protect yourself and your gear, but after the extreme cold we experienced this past week the temperatures rose to where it was bearable to be outside for extended periods of time. Plus we had sunshine.

So on Saturday I decided to venture out to downtown Cleveland, specifically along the shores of Lake Erie, to make some photographs of the snow and ice before it melts away due to the spring like temperatures that are being predicted for this coming week. Below are some of the photographs I made while out on my Saturday adventures.

My Saturday adventures started out cold, but I was prepared and wore a few layers and ended up being rather warm. I quickly found out that walking around along the shores of Lake Erie in the winter can be challenging. There was quite a bit of ice to watch out for, which was covered with a light layer of snow. I took my time walking and watched every step I took to ensure I stayed upright.

Thanks for for viewing my photographs. Please feel free leave comments or questions below.