Vacation 2018 - Part 5

Well, this should be the last posting of my photographs from our vacation this past summer to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. On our last full day we walked the beach again in the morning before it got hot out and before the crowds arrived. Again I was drawn to the colorful umbrellas and the clouds provided a great backdrop as well. Below are a few photographs that I made.

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— Dave —

Vacation 2018 - Part 4

My wife and I are not really beach people and we sort of got bored with Myrtle Beach so we ventured to see other parts of South Carolina. On my last blog posting, I shared our adventures on the ocean to see dolphins in the wild and a shrimp boat. The following day we ventured down to Charleston, Carolina.

Charleston was a short two hour drive south from Myrtle Beach. We really did not have much of an agenda other than to check out the city. The city is rich in history and I know we could have easily spent more than one day exploring the city but we only spent one day in the city. The homes were beautiful and well kept. We browsed the Charleston City Market, walked a good part of the city checking out the homes and ended our adventures with a carriage ride through the city. If you want to take a carriage ride of the city, I would highly recommend the Palmetto Carriage Works. They were very professional and the driver was very knowledgeable about the city and the history.

After the carriage ride we started our journey back north towards Myrtle Beach, but before doing so we made a side trip to see a light house, because how do you go to the coast without seeing any lighthouses and who does not like to see one.

Below are some photos from our adventures around Charleston, South Carolina.

Thanks for viewing part four of my photographs from our 2018 vacation to South Carolina. I think I have enough photographs for one more 2018 vacation blog posting. Stay tuned.

— Dave —

Vacation 2018 - Part 2

Welcome to Thursday, one step closer to the weekend. Although most social platforms consider Thursday to be throwback day to post images or what not from past events, my blog entry for today is not a throwback blog, but rather another posting from our vacation this past summer to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

While my wife are not beach people, each day of our vacation we seen the lifeguards up and down the beach at the beginning of their shift set out beach chairs and umbrellas and put them away at the end of each day. For first few days of our stay, I was too lazy to go down and make some photographs before the chairs became occupied with beach goers until about a third of our way into our vacation.

Prior to going down to the beach it was sunny and bright, but by the time I hit the beach with my camera the sky had become cloudy. I was not happy with most of the results since the colors of the umbrellas were sort of flat and blah, but I did manage make a few photographs on my first attempt roaming the beach. Below are a sampling of the photographs I created.

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— Dave —