Photograph taken by  James Lundeen .

Photograph taken by James Lundeen.

About David Laurence

My full time profession for over ten plus years has been electrical engineering in the area of power systems, specifically substation design.  I began my engineering journey right after I graduated from the Fenn College of Engineering at Cleveland State University in 2004.  I worked for Black & Veatch for about 13 years in Ann Arbor, Michigan before God opened up an opportunity for my wife and I to move back to Ohio where I accepted a substation engineering position with FirstEnergy.

Besides being engineer, I am also a photographer.  I don't consider myself to be a professional by no means, but I do consider myself an advanced hobbyist / amateur photographer.  I am continuing to learn new techniques, both with my camera and with post production.

I have had an interest in photography from a young age from remembering my father taking pictures and processing his own work in the black & white darkroom that was in the basement of our home (yes our house had a darkroom).

I intend to use this site to share my photography creations and to share the stories behind the images, not only about the final image, but how I got to the final image.

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David Laurence | Akron, Ohio